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Sara SDx February 13, at 3: Rana Waqas September 13, at 6: With severely depressed counts, ovulation inducing agents are often given to the female partner in order to enhance the per cycle pregnancy rate. Other puzzling features of sperm also await explanation. Hello there My sperm analyse Sperm count:

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I have 32 age, My sperm count is 5.

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Cervical Mucus, Creating the Pathway to Fatherhood

My age is Once one sperm has fertilised the ovum, no other sperm can get in. Jav November 27, at 3: The vesicles and the prostate gland together produce seminal fluid, which can coagulate to form a plug in the vagina, temporarily blocking access by other males. Has she been the doctor?

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vagina my fathers sperm
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vagina my fathers sperm
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