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Just over a year ago, I was staying at an awesome hostel that was basically in the junglethat had a huge outdoor. Why do my fingers and toes wrinkle in the shower? Top Rated Shower Heads. I hope to empower women to embrace their sex lives and live adventurously! Your email address will not be published. You might even be able to shower together rather than just shiver and grope each other. Jun 8, 2 comments.

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Talk about finding oneself in hot water….

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Shower Sex is Better with Dual Shower Heads

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon. Check the reviews, cheaper heads might simply split your shower, giving you two weak shower streams. Advantages of a double shower head Great for two. Go on kids, off you go… ok, just the adults left? Vertically would be great if one of you is very short, and the other is very tall. I was super excited about the Dual Shower Heads. Maybe combine a narrow massage stream with a wider spray setting for the best of both worlds.

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best shower head sex
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best shower head sex

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